21 backlist books I’m reading in 2022

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I made a resolution in 2022 to read more from my unread shelves. About 40 percent of the books I own are unread which needs to change before I read more from frontlist. I am hoping focusing on my owned and unread books will also help me slow down my purchasing of new books. I have only a handful of books I know are coming out in 2022 that I will buy on publication day. Otherwise, I haven’t focused much on the new releases.

I saw Shealea from Shut Up, Shealea post a backlist titles post for 2022, and I figured it could be a fun start to a new year to post about the books on my TBR cart since they’re all backlist titles. If I somehow stick to this TBR cart, I could do an update post later in the year with even more titles! 🤞


It feels like everyone read this book in 2021, but I never got around to it. I am excited to put this towards the top of my TBR list in 2022. A sapphic love story set in 1950s Chinatown? Sounds like perfection and emotional destroying. Perfect for me!

KINGDOM OF THE WICKED by kerri maniscalco

I picked up this book in paperback because some of my mutuals were raving about the sequel. I’ve heard the sequel is more new adult than young adult, so I’m excited to see where the series goes. I only read STALKING JACK THE RIPPER by this author which I thought was fantastic.

MAYBE SOMEDAY by colleen hoover

I am working my way through Colleen Hoover’s backlist after reading 4 of her books last year. The first book I read by Colleen Hoover was NOVEMBER 9, which I absolutely adored. This book was actually recommended by a friend who doesn’t read too much anymore, but she has solid taste in books. I’m excited to read this one.

COUNTING DOWN WITH YOU by tashi bhuyian

I actually have an advanced copy of this book which means I have had this book in my possession for way too long. I’m ecstatic for the playlist in this book (because that’s the way to my heart) and the fantastic love interest.

FROM LUKOV WITH LOVE by mariana zapata

My love for figure skater and hockey player romances comes from growing up watching The Cutting Edge on a regular basis. I was so excited when I heard about this slow burn romance that I immediately squealed seeing at my local Barnes and Noble.

ALL THE FEELS by olivia dade

I have been dreaming of this book since I finished SPOILER ALERT in July 2021. The banter between Alex and Lauren in SPOILER ALERT made me laugh. I can’t even imagine being in their minds with this book.

ROOMIES by christina lauren

My first Christina Lauren book, JOSH AND HAZEL’S GUIDE TO NOT DATING, set me off on my adult romance reading that hasn’t stopped since last summer. Their books are so fun and light with the romance but still manage to hit me in the feels. I’m excited for this marriage of convenience trope!

DANCE OF THIEVES by mary e. pearson

I don’t actually know much about this book beyond seeing a few quotes on TikTok and being highly recommended by a friend of mine. I’m excited to dive into a fantasy book because I have so many contemporary romances on this list.

TODAY TONIGHT TOMORROW by rachel lynn solomon

I have a love for the academic-rivals-to-lovers trope because it’s parallel with enemies-to-lovers. I have heard such great reviews for this book. It’s definitely near the top of this TBR for me.

A THOUSAND BOY KISSES by tillie cole

I saw this one recommended by Steph Bohrer, and her recommendations haven’t steered me wrong yet. I just know this one is going to wreck my heart when I actually read it. It was literally part of her videos about romance books that made her cry. The only thing I remember about it is how emotional it is and that I think it flashes back and forth in time.

ALWAYS ONLY YOU by chloe liese

I didn’t realize this was a sequel in a series, so I’ve put off reading this book. I picked it up based on a rec because of the hockey player character and the grumpy-sunshine trope. I love when the woman love interest is the grumpy character. Should I pick up book one first, though?


I totally picked this book because of the cover. I love the golden wheat stalks against the dark background. This book is an incredibly heavy contemporary, so this may be one I read during the summer when I have time off from work.

THE FOXHOLE COURT by nora sakavic

This one has been on my list for literal years since I started following Cait from Paper Fury. I recently bought the first book, though, after buying a few others book on Book Depository.

THE HATING GAME by sally thorne

I bought this book because of all the hype for the movie adaptation, but I had it on my TBR for a while before that. I have heard mixed reviews for this book, but I’m hopeful that this will be a fun read.

ALL YOUR PERFECTS by colleen hoover

I bought this book with the old cover before the cover change solely because I don’t like the new cover. The daisy on the new cover doesn’t make me want to pick up the book. I’m not sure if I will love this book as much as the rest because of the book being about a marriage falling apart which isn’t my typical jam. I tend to shy away from these books because I don’t relate to them.

THE CHARM OFFENSIVE by alison cochrun

I bought this book based on a strong recommendation from a friend. Literally a week after I bought it, I saw THE CHARM OFFENSIVE all over TikTok and Instagram as a recommendation. I love the concept of The Bachelor contestant falling in love with someone on the production crew.

BLOOD AND HONEY by shelby mahurin

I adored SERPENT AND DOVE, but I’m terrible at finishing series. I bought this hardcover literally on publication day in 2020. In 2022, I’m focusing on finishing reading completed series that I started. I even have an entire spread in my book journal to help me focus on these series.

THE EX TALK by rachel lynn solomon

I have not read a single Rachel Lynn Solomon book, and yet just about every book of hers is on my TBR. I fall in love with every single book of hers conceptually, and the books always have people raving about them.

UNFILTERED by lily collins

A reading goal of mine this year is to read more non-fiction books, and I have had Lily Collins’ memoir on my TBR for a while. I’m excited to read this memoir because I’ve been a fan of Lily Collins’ for a long time.


I recently got into critically looking at the structure of evangelical churches and their viewpoints on purity culture. I grew up in the church, and I’m definitely a person who questions everything. I had this book recommended several times by people who suggested it for deconstructing Christians. I’m intrigued to say the least how this book approaches the topic.

TRAVELING MERCIES by anne lamott

Anne Lamott has been an author I’ve wanted to read for a while after seeing several of her books in the bookstore. This one seemed the most interesting to me with her approach to faith. I watched a TedTalk she did which really hooked me in to read one of her books.

I am excited to tackle these titles on my TBR cart in 2022, especially since some of these have been on my TBR for so long it’s a little embarrassing. I hope you rediscovered some old titles on your TBR or new titles to add to your ever-growing TBR!

live carefree,


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